Types of General Insurance General insurance covers a variety of products and services including insurance policies for business. It covers insurance for several products as well as business insurance. General insurances can be divided into two major types: personal and business insurance.
Personal insurance policies under the class of General Insurance pertains to Insurances for the home, which includes the building and the content, vehicles,
caravan, boats and for pets are some products that are considered as under General Insurance. Travel insurance, health insurance including private medical, dental and personal accident insurance, extended warranty and breakdown insurance are also part of General Insurance. Other products such as legal expenses and payment protection for mortgages are part of this type of insurance as well.
Business products under General Insurance include property insurance such as vehicles and stocks, goods in transit, employer's liability, business interruption, legal expenses and key man insurance.
One should note though that Life Insurance and Pensions are not under General Insurance.
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