Frequently Asked Questions (1) Why do we need a Holiday Insurance?
A Holiday Insurance keeps you and your family more at peace when on a vacation because this protects you against any cancellation or interruption when on a holiday. It also reimburses you for any medical expenses incurred during your trip; it reimburses you for any loss or damage to your personal belongings and especially any delays that occur during this time.
What are the important things to remember when on a holiday?
What should I look for when purchasing a Holiday Insurance?
Always check if the package being offered gives you real value for the money that will be spent. It should at least cover cancellation or interruption of holiday, medical expenses for accidents or death, loss or theft of personal belongings, and delayed or missed flights.
What if I want to cancel my holiday insurance policy?
A refund of premium is normally allowed if the policy is cancelled before the start date shown. It is best to check with your chosen Insurance Company.
Can I get a policy if I already began my holiday?
No, you won't be able to get a policy if your holiday has began but it is possible to get a policy just right before (even minutes before) your holiday. You may go online or call an insurance company for this and can make arrangements.
I plan to go skiing or diving this summer, are there insurance policies for this?
Yes, there are specialized insurance policies for vacation that entails for you to go skiing, diving or other adventure holidays. Just go online or ask your local Insurance companies.
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