Frequently Asked Questions (2) What are the factors that will determine the cost of rebuilding my home?
Factors that will determine the cost of rebuilding your home include local construction costs, the square footage of your property as well as the structure. The type of exterior wall in your home's frame also comes into play, including the masonry, whether you use brick or stone, and of course, the veneer.
Your house's architectural style may also affect the cost, as well as other factors such as the number of bathrooms and rooms, the materials used for the roof, other structures and areas, such as your garage, porch, shed, fireplaces, etc.
How do I choose the right insurance company for me?
Generally, there are four qualities that you should consider when finding the right insurance company.
First is the price. Before settling on the first company you have talked to, look around first. Ask other companies, as they may have a better deal more suited for your needs. Next, you should look at the company's stability. Make sure that it is financially stable, because you may end up paying all that money for nothing.
Third, you have to inquire about their service. They should be able to answer all your questions regarding the policy you're interested in. You should also check about their background; whether they handle their transactions fairly and efficiently. Finally, you should be very comfortable and at ease with your policy, no matter where you bought it. You should be able to reach your insurance company should any problem arise, even after you've signed and paid for your insurance.
How much home insurance do I need?
Your insurance should be able to cover your house's structure as well as your possessions contained inside the structure. It should also cover the liability that my befall others when visiting your home, as well as additional living expenses should your house get damaged and you might have to live elsewhere when the rebuilding is being done.
Can I own a house without getting home insurance?
Though a home insurance is not a pre-requisite to owning a house, it is wise to obtain your own home insurance. If you purchased your home through a mortgage, your lender will most likely require you to acquire home insurance. If your house is located in a flood-prone area, you might be required by your bank to purchase a policy that can protect your home from flood.
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